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Dare to Be Wealthy & Happy!

The 101 Best Jobs in America

This book is the first in the “Dare to Be Wealthy & Happy” trilogy. It was written both for young people contemplating their first job AND experienced workers looking for a new career. The three primary objectives of book one are:

1. The Snapshot: You will find that the quick snapshot and ranking of the top 101 jobs in the marketplace will expand your consciousness to dozens of jobs that you have either never heard of or would never have even considered pursuing.  You will also be shown the ten year outlook for each job which will enable you to pursue jobs with a rosy outlook for the future.

2. Education and Training: The second objective is to provide guidance about the training, education and experience required for each job discussed. This section will help you determine which jobs you are willing to do what it takes to qualify for and follow through all the way. 

3. The Road Map: Finally, the book provides a detailed roadmap guiding you through the online job sites and applications, networking, resumes and cover letters, and the crucial job interview. 

For readers looking for a new career challenge or who have become disillusioned with their present jobs, the book will be tremendously helpful in both deciding which career to pursue and negotiating the obstacle course required for success. The book ranks the 101 best jobs in America based on an analysis of median income, ten year economic outlook, the current number of job openings, and a variety of other factors. In a series of logical steps the book will help you quickly and easily focus your career options by first looking inward at your interests and passions and then learning more about the jobs that interest you and appear to be a good fit. Relying primarily on up-to-date data furnished by the government (the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook), the book will help YOU find your own answer to the age old question…. “What do YOU want to be when YOU grow up?”


Dare to Be Wealthy & Happy!

How to Get One of the 101 Best Jobs in America!

This book is the second of the Dare to Be Wealthy & Happy trilogy. Like all the books in the series, it is intended for both young people contemplating their first job and experienced workers looking for a new career. The first book in the series provided a quick snapshot and ranking of the top 101 jobs in the U.S. marketplace. Book one also provided guidance about the training, education and experience required for each job discussed. 

Now, the second book in the series – How to Get One of the101 Best Jobs in America! – provides additional help for discovering each reader’s “dream career” as well as a detailed roadmap to guide readers through the all-important “training and education” phase and the maze of online job sites and applications, the critical resume and cover letter, and the job interview.


Estate Planning

Your Guide to Minnesota Law Relating to Probate, Trusts and Estates

Attorney Ronald Berglund’s easy to read overview of Minnesota estate planning is a must for every Minnesotan who needs a basic understanding of Minnesota law relating to estate planning, probate, wills, trusts and trusts. Berglund reminds us that estate planning is not just for the wealthy, because EVERYONE has an estate. Even those of us with modest estates still need a plan. 

Estate Planning describes each of the documents we need to help us plan for life’s certainties. The book will help you create your plan for managing your assets while you are alive and distributing them after your death.

The following objectives are highlighted: 1.) Ensuring that your assets will provide you with the income and resources on which to live comfortably; 2.) Ensuring that upon your death your assets will go to the people and/or organizations you wish; 3.) Minimizing estate taxes, fees and other costs, and 4.) Designating the best person(s) to make financial and/or health care decisions for you in the event that you become incapacitated.

The documents explained in Estate Planning will help you create a comprehensive estate plan and avoid many of the problems that often arise. Some of these problems are things we never think about during life, or things which may be so troubling or overwhelming that we push them out of our minds. However, in the absence of a solid estate plan, these issues- if they arise- will have to be resolved by the courts and state law.